Previous Winners

To view profiles of the successful Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship applicants, click on their names below. These profiles include accounts of their trips, updates on their creative practice and development, and examples of their artwork.


Nicole Zicchino - to attend Sydney Art Month - Contemporary Art Festival, The Writers Studio Sydney Short Course “Unlocking Creativity” (4 Wk Course) in 2016.


Matthew Gianoulis - to attend the Sydney Semi-Permanent Festival 2015.


Gabrielle Bohl - to attend the Sydney Film Festival 2014.


Erica Reynolds - to attend the European Independent Film Festival.


Jess Hay - to attend the Outpost Project street art festival.

Aaron Ashley - to attend the Outpost Project street art festival.


Two applications were jointly awarded the 2010 Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship:

Kyana Pike & John Bradshaw - to assist with costs to attend the Canberra Print Symposium.

Jordan Grant - to attend the Sydney Biennale.

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