A-List Partners

Recognising the Townsville community’s significant contribution to the development of the Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship over the years, in 2014 the new A-List Partners program was launched to also seek the financial assistance of corporate and philanthropic partners.

The A-List Partners program seeks contributions of $5,000 or more from interested organisations, who are in turn recognised in perpetuity through the Scholarship’s various promotional means. It is hoped that through this program, the Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship will reach its magic figure of $100,000 held in trust, which will ensure it is able to support young artists forever more.

A-List Partners also pays homage to the young artist after whom the Scholarship is named – Matt Clark – whose only solo exhibition was entitled A-List Youth.

The first A-List Partner, Wingate Properties, began supporting the Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship in May 2014, offering not only an upfront amount of $5,000, but also securing the Scholarship’s short term future by underwriting the annual $1,000 scholarship amount.

From October 2014, BHP Billiton made a $5,000 contribution to become the Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship’s second A-List Partner in a major vote of confidence for the organisation and the region’s young artists. This was followed in 2015 by the confirmation of Maidment Development Group as the third A-List Partner.

The Matt Clark Travelling Scholarship thanks and acknowledges the significant contribution of the below listed A-List Partners. If your business or organisation is interested in becoming an A-List Partner or would like further information, please contact us here.

Wingate Properties           BHP Billiton

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